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SaikoLED uses a unique design to produce digitized optical spectra for scientific applications. Although LEDs are often assumed to be "monochromatic", in practice they have a width of 40-80nm, as can be seen in our design tool. Although this is good enough for most applications, we have special systems which pair carefully selected LED with technical grade optical filters, allowing us to provide down to 10nm resolution between 400nm and 670nm.

Two Example Applications

Monochromatic Source

This application shows a desired 500nm source. In this case, a Cyan LED is coupled with a 500nm filter, with the result shown in red. The filter in this case eliminates the vast majority of the noise that would otherwise be present in the "monochromatic" Cyan LED source.

Digital Spectrum Generator

This spectrum shows a collection of LEDs coupled with optics being digitally controlled in order to attempt to produce a flat spectrum, with just 1nm resolution shown. Although this does have a lot of variation, you won't find better in something digitally controllable. Instead, manufacturers hide this noise by using filters on the spectrum.