Speciality LED Lighting made in the USA

SaikoLED uses local manufacturers to make affordable LED lighting for any application.

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  • Photography, Entertainment, Laboratory
  • Arduino-based Reprogrammable Control
  • DMX, DALI, DMX RDM, Analog Control
  • Direct Audio Detection for Light Shows
  • Fixtures ranging from 30W to 600W
  • Advanced White LEDs with high CRI
  • Completely Flicker-Free Lighting
  • High Power Fiber-Optic Coupled Lighting
  • Passive Cooling for silent operation
  • Custom Mounting designs, Flexible Arms
  • Extended Colors as shown below

Standard Wavelength Options:

  • 2700-5000K White
  • CRI up to 97 for 2700-3000K
  • 365nm UV
  • 400nm Violet/Near-UV
  • 447nm Royal Blue
  • 470nm Blue
  • 505nm Cyan
  • 530nm Green
  • 590nm Amber
  • 617nm Red-Orange
  • 627nm Red
  • 655nm Deep Red
  • 740nm Far Red
  • 850nm Infrared
  • Optical Filters Available upon Request